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The Progression of Sculpting

As time goes on, more and more ideas fill my head, combinations of my favorite textures and self-devised sculpting techniques are merging. This is proving to allow almost anything I dream up to become a reality. Previously, if it didn't fit in the kiln, I couldn't make it. I've been inspired by other artists, working in several mediums, to find ways to add wood, copper, glass and adhesives to make artwork in any size my heart desires! Combining several of my favorite pieces into one fabulous wall hanging is so rewarding and it's pushing my creative limits even farther!

Creating special glazes!

You'll notice some new colors and stains on my work. With some help and lots of research, I've finally figured out some of the chemistry behind glaze formulation! That's allowed me to revive some "lost" glazes and modify others. One of my goals for 2010 was to fire all of my creations in electric kilns and avoid using any fossil fuel powered firings. Because of a couple of Christmas requests from some very supportive customers that I didn't want to disappoint, I put in a couple of long nights and...SUCCESS! Now I can say that all of my work is created using one of our State's most renewable sources of power, electricity. Next...the windmill!